10 Search Engine Optimization Myths

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One reason that many individuals and organizations are reluctant to start an SEO project is a lack of knowledge. Some are even reluctant to approach an SEO Service firm for fear of being “ripped off” or misdirected about the search engine requirements of their website. It is always good to get as much knowledge about a topic before undertaking the project. We understand that there are many myths about search engine optimization (SEO). This article will clarify the ten most common search engine optimization myths and misconceptions.

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SEO Analysis Tool: Beta Launch

One of the biggest hurdles we face as website owners is understanding how search engines see our websites. This week, we’re looking to change that with the Beta Launch of our new Online SEO Analysis Tool. We have developed an online Search Engine Optimization Analysis tool that any website owner can use. The result is a high level summary of how your website scores in three key areas; Technical Score, Popularity Score and SEO Score. The SEO Analysis Tool then calculates your websites incoming and outgoing links and provide you with an Overall SEO score. The higher the score, the […]

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Creating Your own WordPress Plug-in and Widget

Until now, whenever I needed to have something displayed on the sidebar of my WordPress blog, I simply input my HTML code into a Text Widget and added it to the sidebar. This worked fine until I needed something with a bit of intelligence to it.

But what I discovered was that there did not seem to be a ready made, easy to use template for creating a Sidebar Widget or a WordPress plug-in. So I have created this easy to use template

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WordPress: Sticky Posts

Recently, someone posted a question on one of the forums asking if there was a way to make a particular blog post sticky, or always the first post displayed on the home page of the blog. I know of a way to edit the theme files to add static content, but that is the extent of my knowledge. So I got to thinking, there must be other ways to add static content … and perhaps I had missed something with this “sticky post” issue. So I set out to find some alternative methods for adding static content to a WordPress […]

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