After all of your hard work, protecting your online assets are the most important thing. Learn the latest on protecting yourself and your website.

Cybersecurity Tools you can use Alongside a Firewall

effective cybersecurity tools

The state of the workforce today doesn’t require physical presence to create utility. This is why offices are pushing for employees to work from home, saving costs on office space and electricity. With a smartphone and a laptop, workers can complete job tasks and submit them remotely. But without the proper cybersecurity tools, office infrastructure is being exposed to increasing security threats. However, despite these numerous benefits that arrive with technology, there are some drawbacks. Cybersecurity breaches have become the order of the day. Most times, firms and individuals activate firewall security as a lone defense to the never-ending cyber […]

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WebARX Simple Website Security & Monitoring Platform

Website Security & Monitoring

If you care about your business and your customers’ businesses, you need protection from hackers. You need to have a complete overview of your websites, first line of defense and an intelligence system that will let you know when there is a risk and how to eliminate it quickly. Recently, I wrote about keeping your WordPress website secure and why you should be using a website firewall (WAF). This is a good place to start if you do not fully understand why website security & monitoring is important. We recently reviewed the new WebARX website security & monitoring platform. WebARX […]

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WordPress Security: Why you Should use a Website Firewall (WAF)

web applicatiion firewall

In a previous post, Keeping Your WordPress Website Secure, we discussed various options for securing your website files, databases and other WordPress related items from hackers. When our Security Services team implements a solution, we focus on adding layers of security to protect your website. One way we do this is with a website firewall (web application firewall or WAF).

In this post, we will help you understand the basics of a website firewall. We will discuss why having a web application firewall is important. Additionally, we will provide you with a list of website firewall providers you can use for your website.

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