This Search Engine Optimization section offers tips from industry experts on how to generate high-quality traffic to your website.

Web Designer SEO Basics

Web Designer SEO basics

Most articles on the web today on the topic of SEO deal with specifics of ranking your website high in search engine results. But, at our Bangkok web development agency, it is important to teach our web designer, SEO basics. Here is a short list of SEO considerations that a web designer should take into account. Let me start out by defining the general SEO basics. SEO refers to the idea that links to your website, and from your website, contribute to the search engine rankings of your site. The goal of an SEO exercise is to optimise your content […]

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Recovering from the Yoast Attachment URL Bug

Yoast attachment url bug

The following documents my journey while trying to fix the Yoast attachment URL bug. The issue is described, along with a formal apology, in this blog post. It all began when one of our SEO client sites became a victim of the Yoast attachment URL bug with an update done to the Yoast SEO plugin. This was an appropriate test because the client is Digiceed, a provider of SEO services in London.

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Search Engine Ranking and Domain Names

I see many questions in forums and social networks about the effect a domain name has on the search engine ranking of a website. The most common questions I have seen relate to: Using hyphens between words of a domain name Including primary keywords in a domain name The TLD of a domain name(i.e. – .com, .net, .us, etc.) Based on feedback from the experts, and reference materials from Google, we will summarize the answers to these issues.

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Website Planning –
Site Structure and Navigation

There have been many debates in past years about how links and the overall structure of a website affects the search engine ranking. Using Google as an example, we will explain how authority of a page is affected and provide some practical suggestions for the structure of a site. A good website structure is important for several reasons: It allows a web page to focus it’s message – keyword usage and terms Control the flow of navigation when a Visitors come to the site Dictates how a search engine will crawl and index the pages of the site

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Slow Websites and SEO

snail slowly crawling along a log

We have discussed how writing bad code can damage a website’s ranking in the search engines. But can a website that loads slowly hurt rankings as well? I spent a Sunday afternoon examining this question, which led me on an Internet voyage that discussed such geeky subjects as web page headers, HTTP 1.1 specifications, and the various types of caches that a typical user may encounter everyday in the travels online. This article will examine ways to speed up your website and why it is beneficial to the traffic flowing to your website.

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10 Search Engine Optimization Myths

stack of books

One reason that many individuals and organizations are reluctant to start an SEO project is a lack of knowledge. Some are even reluctant to approach an SEO Service firm for fear of being “ripped off” or misdirected about the search engine requirements of their website. It is always good to get as much knowledge about a topic before undertaking the project. We understand that there are many myths about search engine optimization (SEO). This article will clarify the ten most common search engine optimization myths and misconceptions.

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SEO Analysis Tool: Beta Launch

One of the biggest hurdles we face as website owners is understanding how search engines see our websites. This week, we’re looking to change that with the Beta Launch of our new Online SEO Analysis Tool. We have developed an online Search Engine Optimization Analysis tool that any website owner can use. The result is a high level summary of how your website scores in three key areas; Technical Score, Popularity Score and SEO Score. The SEO Analysis Tool then calculates your websites incoming and outgoing links and provide you with an Overall SEO score. The higher the score, the […]

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