Web Tools

Running a website and learning how to cope with the online world is a challenge. Here, we feature web services and web tools to help make your life easier.

5 Easy to use FTP Clients

5 Easy to use FTP Clients-1245

An FTP (File Transfer Protocol) Client is an application, or web tool, that allows you to send and receive files between your computer and a web server. One of the most common uses for these types of tools is to upload (send) files to a web server. For instance, if you are going to install WordPress or another type of content management system to your web server, you can use an FTP client.

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How Usable is Your Website?

I had the pleasure of meeting with a user experience expert yesterday, Carl Heaton from Web Courses Bangkok. Carl showed me a great tool for website owners called UserFly (affiliate link). Userfly allows you to test the usability of your website as each visitor goes to your site. You start by adding a small JavaScript to the web pages you want to track. It’s that easy.

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