Website Planning

Do you need help with website planning? Our goal is to point you in the right direction with these helpful posts. If you have some helpful guidance for other readers, please leave a comment. We will package all of these up into an eBook that can be downloaded.

Breaking Down Website Costs: How to Create the Right Budget

Woman working on her website

There has never been a better time to launch a website. Advances in technology mean even the most technophobic entrepreneur can launch a website that will fill them with pride. But what about the cost? Is it feasible to launch a new website if your budget is limited? Should you spend money upfront getting the website of your dreams, or do the whole thing yourself on a shoestring budget?

To help you answer that question, here is a guide to what you’ll need to include in your budget regarding website costs.

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First Steps: Choosing a Domain Name

What is in a domain name

If you are rebuilding your current website, choosing a domain name may not seem as important as it is for those starting fresh. But there are some important points for consideration in either case. If you are starting a new website, it is critical that this task be performed as one of the first steps. It will set the stage for many of the other decisions that must be made as the project progresses. The domain name is the primary means that your customers will use to find you. No matter if your customers search for you in a search […]

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