18 December 2014

WooCommerce: User Registration Spam

user registration spam sea of computers

Here is a quick tip for WordPress web site owners that use WooCommerce. Have you ever noticed that you are receiving dozens of user registrations on your WooCommerce web site?

In the early times, I would dedicate one day a week to cleaning up and deleting the user registration spam accounts. They are easy to spot in a WooCommerce website because the user registration spam accounts are marked as “Subscribers”. Whereas, valid user accounts are marked as “Customers”. Needless to say, I got tired of deleting these user registration spam accounts weekly and decided instead to install a CAPTCHA on the login page.

I have recently upgraded to Sweet Captcha as it is a free plug-in. But I have noticed that iThemes Security is also including a Google Captcha plug-in for users of their Pro version.

Using Sweet Captcha, I have noticed a dramatic decrease in user registration spam. But, either solution mentioned should work great for reducing user registration spam, even if you are just using WordPress and not WooCommerce.

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