Search Engine Ranking and Domain Names

I see many questions in forums and social networks about the effect a domain name has on the search engine ranking of a website. The most common questions I have seen relate to: Using hyphens between words of a domain name Including primary keywords in a domain name The TLD of a domain name(i.e. – .com, .net, .us, etc.) Based on feedback from the experts, and reference materials from Google, we will summarize the answers to these issues.

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Website Planning –
Site Structure and Navigation

There have been many debates in past years about how links and the overall structure of a website affects the search engine ranking. Using Google as an example, we will explain how authority of a page is affected and provide some practical suggestions for the structure of a site. A good website structure is important for several reasons: It allows a web page to focus it’s message – keyword usage and terms Control the flow of navigation when a Visitors come to the site Dictates how a search engine will crawl and index the pages of the site

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10 Search Engine Optimization Myths

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One reason that many individuals and organizations are reluctant to start an SEO project is a lack of knowledge. Some are even reluctant to approach an SEO Service firm for fear of being “ripped off” or misdirected about the search engine requirements of their website. It is always good to get as much knowledge about a topic before undertaking the project. We understand that there are many myths about search engine optimization (SEO). This article will clarify the ten most common search engine optimization myths and misconceptions.

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