2 August 2023

5 Incredible Tools to Create your own WordPress Themes Online

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Originally published: 12 December 2012

Updated: 2 August 2023

The world of website creation has been revolutionized by WordPress, a platform celebrated for its user-friendly interface, expansive design potential, and diverse array of features. Accounting for over a third of all websites active on the internet today, WordPress has drawn the attention of enthusiasts, bloggers, and entrepreneurs alike. The platform’s real charm, however, lies in its ability to let users craft distinct identities through unique website themes. This is where WordPress theme generators play a pivotal role.

The aesthetic of a website influences the initial impression of a visitor, often determining their decision to stay or leave. Custom WordPress themes offer a solution, allowing you to highlight your brand’s personality, make your content more engaging, and deliver an unmatched user experience uniquely tailored to your audience. But, when you have a limited budget, and every theme you look at on ThemeForest leaves you feeling bland, what are your choices?

Hire a developer? Develop a WordPress theme yourself?

You might be wondering, “I’m not a professional developer or a designer. Is it possible for me to create my own WordPress theme?” The answer is a resounding yes! Even with the flood of modern drag-and-drop page builders, there are still a few good WordPress theme generators online that can help you design your own themes, all without requiring you to understand complex lines of code.

We will be exploring five such amazing WordPress theme generators that will enable you to create your own personalized themes online. Each tool brings a unique set of capabilities to the table, from intuitive drag-and-drop interfaces to extensive libraries of elements and templates. By leveraging the right tool, you can customize every aspect of your website to reflect your brand’s image and meet your audience’s expectations.

Whether you’re a blogger looking to leave a unique mark on your readers, or an entrepreneur aiming to boost your online presence, the following WordPress theme generators offer the resources and features needed to bring your vision to life. Let’s delve into these groundbreaking tools that are set to redefine how you approach WordPress themes!

The best WordPress Theme Generators

We have reviewed many Online WordPress Theme Generators, but only the following five met our standards. We measured each of these for:

  • Easy of Use
  • User Interface
  • Support and documentation
  • Finished Product (the quality of the Theme Generated

Since writing this article nearly 11 years ago, a lot has changed in the WordPress ecosystem. Gutenberg is now the default editor, while before, it was the classic editor. Page builders have progressed in features significantly. So we decided to rework this article; removing discontinued applications, adding new ones, and taking a look at the few that survived the changes.

That said, let’s take a look at 5 online WordPress theme generators.

WordPress Theme Generator

WordPress theme generator
Of the WordPress Theme Generators reviewed, this is the only one that survived. They must be doing something right. It is kept up to date, sports some very modern and good-looking base themes, and is very easy to use.

You can add, change, and combine any of the design elements of your base template including menus, backgrounds, shades, dividers, icons, buttons, boxes, fonts, sliders, frames, colors, shines, and patterns or textures, using a user-friendly and easy to use interface. You will find over 250 pre-designed themes ready to use and download. You can mix 7 different combinations of positions allowing you to create countless layouts. With the dynamic sidebar generator, which can create as many sidebars (or widget areas) as you wish, you can add as many widgets/boxes as you want (images, text, menus, galleries, contact forms, … and more).

The WP Theme Generator can create responsive designs as well, which is extremely important in our mobile world. This means you can now enjoy this tool from a mobile device without any problem. But even more important is that your generated theme will be mobile-ready immediately for your users to enjoy on a mobile device as well.

Previously, this site was free. But they have now moved to a paid model. If you are looking for just one theme, some of the pricing options may seem a bit pricey. However, if you are someone that needs a quick way to generate themes on a regular basis, or you need tools to design themes, the cost base is very good.

They also offer a large number of pre-built WordPress themes.


This is not a full WordPress theme generator. But more of a starter theme that is generated after you supply some basic information, such as the name of your theme.

You are then left with a very simplistic theme that you must update to look the way you want.

If you are not a developer and do not wish to hack together a theme on your own, I do not recommend using this tool.

The purpose of this tool is to generate a simple, responsive theme that loads fast and is easy for a developer to customize.

Template Toaster WordPress Theme Generator

This tool requires you to purchase and download a tool to your computer. You can then build the theme using this tool and save it for later.

This may have been cutting-edge 11 years ago. Today, it makes more sense to learn to use a page builder like Divi, Elementor, Bricks, Oxygen, or a variety of other tools.

So the cost to purchase this tool to generate WordPress themes cannot be justified.

Tools we Use: Elementor & Divi

These page builders are more of Theme Builders now. When they first entered the scene, the term page builder was more appropriate. But now, with enhanced features such as reusable template blocks, header templates, footer templates, and a lot more, these tools are the best solution.

Of these two tools, my personal preference is Divi. It allows me to build a website much quicker and is much easier to use.

But, when we need some more features or need to use a bit more of an updated layout (like Flexbox) Elementor is our go-to tool.

Both tools have a huge community of users. And there are countless videos on YouTube to help you through any issues or problems you might encounter.

When using these tools, you are building your WordPress theme in real time with commonly used components. The days when you needed to code a load of JavaScript to manipulate UI elements to match the design are quickly becoming a memory.

Do you have any WordPress Theme Generators You Like?

Drop us a quick note with your comments and a link to the tool using the Contact form.

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