12 December 2012

5 Incredible Tools to Create your own WordPress Themes Online

I know what you’re thinking, “What are WordPress Theme Generators and why should I care”.

Well, consider you are thinking of starting your own website. You have two choices; 1) Hire a WordPress Theme developer or, 2) Do it yourself.

So let me ask you, do you really want to spend all of that time learning how to write PHP code and develop your own WordPress Theme. Probably not.

Do you have the funds to hire a WordPress Theme developer. If not, a WordPress Theme Generator is your answer.
This may seem like a strange comment coming from someone that makes their living developing WordPress themes. But I have to be honest. A website is about making money for your business. If you don’t have the budget, you need options.

Here are 5 WordPress Theme Generators that may help you move to your next step in becoming a successful business person.

The best WordPress Theme Generators

We have reviewed many Online WordPress Theme Generators, but only the following five met with our standards. We measured each of these for:

  • Easy of Use
  • User Interface
  • Mobile/Responsive website creation
  • Support
  • Finished Product (the quality of the Theme Generated

The features of WordPress theme generators have greatly improved over the past couple of years. This makes it much easier for anyone to create and manage the design of their own website.

I hope you enjoy this selection of the top 5 online WordPress theme generators.

Shock’s WordPress Theme Generator

Shock WordPress Theme Generator
Of the 5 WordPress Theme Generators reviewed, this is by far one of the best we have seen yet. It is kept up to date, sports some very modern and good looking base themes, and is very easy to use.
You can add, change, and combine any of the design elements of your base template including menus, backgrounds, shades, dividers, icons, buttons, boxes, fonts, sliders, frames, colors, shines, and patterns or textures, using a user-friendly and easy to use interface. You will find over 250 pre-designed themes ready to use and download. You can mix 7 different combinations of positions allowing you to create countless layouts. With the dynamic sidebar generator, which can create as many sidebars (or widget areas) as you wish, you can add as many widgets/boxes as you want (images, text, menus, galleries, contact forms, … and more).
The WP Theme Generator can create responsive designs as well, which is extremely important in our mobile world. This means you can now enjoy this tool from a mobile device without any problem. But even more important is that, your generated theme will be mobile ready immediately for your users to enjoy on a mobile devices as well.


Lubith WP Theme Generator
Simplicity is the first word that comes to mind when I looked at this WordPress Theme Generator. Themes are compatible with all browsers, and can be created using a simple, intuitive, drag-and-drop interface allowing you to ce=reate a very basic theme in a few minutes.
They also offer a simple Tutorials section on the site to help you understand the basics of working with your WordPress theme.
If you need more features, they offer a Pro version as well as monthly, semi-annual and annual payment plans.

Chameleon Themes

Chameleon Themes Online WordPress Theme Generator
The purpose of WordPress theme generators is to make it easy for users to have control over the design of their site without requiring any coding skills. Chameleon Themes has been successful in doing just this. You can create unlimited templates, take advantage of an advanced style editor, create forms, create slideshows, design your own backgrounds and borders, easily make changes to your headers, footers, columns, insert different modules, like navigation, content areas, images, widget bars, footers, and more.
Use the style panel to define a large number of designs for usage in 50 short codes with 1500+ options and use them for every element you want – columns, images, sliders, buttons and other. Change things like colors and fonts without touching the code. With 3000+ CSS options for every element every page you make can look different. Make unlimited number of designs and save them all in your theme and easily switch between your designs using just a click of a button!
Using the business package, you can save, export and distribute your designs easily. If you are a designer or design company or you need a framework that can be used to make your designs into a website in a matter of seconds exactly how you want it this is the right option for you.
If you want to use the framework to build your own website without any trademark signs from Chameleon Themes and sell your designs, they will assist you to secure a sales website with the payment system and all the following contents to get your business started.

Theme Press

ThemePress WordPress Theme Generators

When researching the topic of WordPress Theme Generators, ThemePress was the website that inspired us to commit to this topic. So we felt obliged to include it in our list. We liked the possibility of being able to upload our HTML templates to a site that could convert them to a WordPress template. But we quickly realized was that this site is meant for people that have some kind of website coding knowledge.
As developers, and with the advancements made by the WordPress team, we find it easier to modify existing WordPress themes than to submit our code to such a generator.
This tool does have some potential. But compared to the other tools that we discovered, it just wasn’t worth paying $10 at the end to download our WordPress Theme using this tool. Perhaps further revisions and updates to this WordPress Theme Generator will rank better.

Yvo Schaap’s WordPress Theme Generator

Yvo Schapp's WordPress Theme Generator

Compared to the other WordPress Theme Generators, this one has some history and background. They have previously received a lot of publicity on the Internet. They offer a tool bar down the left hand side where you can change the setting for the look and feel of your WP Theme, and then see the results on the right side.
The major drawback to this tool is that it was written in 2007. So it is a good bet that the code you get as a result will be VERY out of date.

We will continue to update this information as we monitor these WordPress Theme Generators and any new tools that enter the scene.

Do you have any WordPress Theme Generators You Like?

Drop us a quick note with your comments and a link to the tool using the Contact form.

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This depends on what your goal is … are you a developer, or just an end user? Our favorite was the Shock WP Theme Generator. But as everyone has a different set of goals when it comes to the final product, we have purposely left choosing “the best” up to our readers.

Which one did you like the best?

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Here is the main site. I would suggest one of their packages to get you started.

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Thanks for letting us know. We have now marked WPTheme Builder as DISCONTINUED in the article.
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