16 July 2010

Adding a Simple Contact Us Form to WordPress

Adding a Simple Contact Us Form to WordPress - WordPress short code icon

If you use a hosted WordPress.Com blog, short codes have been added to simplify many of the common tasks a blogger needs to deal with. Previously, we dealt with How to Add a Photo Gallery for self hosted blogs. In today’s entry, we will show you how easy it is to add a simple Contact form to your WordPress.Com blog.

The Contact Us short code can be used in Posts, Pages or in a text Widget if your theme is capable of customizing widgets.

Step 1
Select any Post or Page to edit, or select the Text Widget and add it to your specified Widget area

Step 2
Position the cursor where you want your Contact form to start

Step 3
Type in ”


” and save the post, page or widget.

Now go preview the a page or post on your blog and you should see a contact form displayed where you typed in the short code.

When you setup your blog, you probably provided an email address on the Settings => General page. If not, make sure you put a valid email address in this field and save your changes. When a user fills in the form and click on the submit button, an email is sent the email address specific on this Options page.

However, there are other options that you can provide to over ride default settings of the contact form:

Insert a Contact Form and send to one or more email addresses:

Setting a Subject:

[contact-form subject="My Message Subject"]

Allowing the User to Define their own subject:

[contact-form show_subject="yes"]

Contact Form Items to Understand

  • User details are based on information they enter and can be valid (if logged in) or anonymous (if NOT logged in)
  • Your email address will remain hidden to all visitors
  • Only one Contact Form per post, page or text widget, but you can have multiple text widgets

We are currently working on our next post for more advanced WordPress users on adding a Contact Form short code to your existing WordPress theme.

Stay tuned!

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